Two Santa Barbara Relief Organizations Work to Bring Aid to Haiti

Two Santa Barbara Relief Organizations Work to Bring Aid to Haiti

ShelterBox USA and Direct Relief Are Providing On-the-Ground Assistance and Vital Supplies

Dave Eby and Wayne Robinson delivering aid in 2010 | Credit: Mark Pearson

Direct Relief, and ShelterBox U.S.A., two Santa Barbara-based organizations, are working to provide aid to Haiti following the devastating earthquake on August 14. 

Roughly 190 pallets of paid packages were sent to Haiti directly from Direct Relief. 

Direct Relief  — an organization that works to equip doctors and nurses around the world with life-saving medical resources — has sent roughly 190 pallets of aid packages containing supplies such as masks, gloves, protective gear, and antibiotics. Tony Morain, vice-president of communication for Direct Relief said the organization will additionally provide a response team to assist humanitarian efforts to deliver their aid packages, in an effort to relieve some of the strain on Haitian hospitals that are overwhelmed with fighting COVID-19... read more 


What comes in one of ShelterBox USA’s aid packages. | Credit: ShelterBox USA



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