Faces of our Community: William Laman

Faces of our Community

William Laman

William Laman Furniture.Garden.Antiques was established in 1995 by the Hall of Fame and internationally recognized interior designer Bruce Gregga and William Laman, providing a unique shopping experience in the exclusive community of Montecito in Santa Barbara, California. 
There is a distinctive mix of merchandise, hand selected by Gregga and Laman on their buying trips throughout the world, that reflects a renowned sense of understated elegance and an exceptional eye for detail.


Meet William Laman and Bruce Gregga

Q: How did you start your business?  

A: Bruce Gregga is a Hall of Fame Interior Design icon, who moved from Chicago to Montecito with William Laman 26 years ago. 

The shop is a destination for designers, celebrities and locals, featuring hand selected curated pieces from various buying trips. 


Q: Why did you start your business?  

A: The business was started as an extension of love of interiors, beautiful furniture and garden design. 


Q: What makes you the most passionate about your work? 

 A: An appreciation of nice things with the end result being a comfortable interior and a garden that compliments it.  


Q: What are your favorite projects/product? 

A: Each project is special and unique regardless of the size of the budget as long as it is done with style. 


Q: Where can we find you on a weekend or your day off?  

 A: At the shop, moving things around.  Afterward, going from shop to shop to appreciate someone else’s efforts. 


Q: How long have you been in business?  

 A: 26 years at our present location. 


Q: Store/restaurant location 

1496 East Valley Road 

Montecito, CA  93108 


Q: Contact & social media 

Phone Number: 805 969 2840

Email:  [email protected]          





Q: Pro tip  

 A: Less is more.  Edit.  Buy one good piece and build on it over time as opposed to purchasing a number of unexceptional things. 


Q: Connection to Santa Barbara, why do you work/live here?  

 A: Quality of life and a means to sustain ourselves by doing something we love. 

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One of the Santa Barbara region's most illustrious real estate leaders who has assembled a sales history that spans over three decades and includes the area’s most legendary estates.

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