Faces of our Community: Cassie's Cardinals

Cassie’s Cardinals provides safe and reliable in-home care for families and corporations, including full and part-time babysitting, nanny placement, estate staffing, senior assistance, errands, and pet-care services.
Meet Cassie Brungarth, Founder of Cassie's Cardinals:

Q: How did you start your business?

A: Ten years ago, I founded Cassie’s Cardinals with a dream to give families reliable and trusted care. Growing up on my father’s farm in Ohio, you could say a career in caregiving was my destiny. At a very young age, I helped my parents care for our animals and the land, teaching me the value of hard work. To put myself through college at Otterbein University, I took on as many on-demand jobs as possible – from waitressing, tennis instructing, nannying, caring for elderly patients and working my mom’s horse camp as an instructor, I did it all. But the stars aligned when I met Leo, a little boy who’d traveled from Italy to Columbus, Ohio for specialized medical care.

Leo was unlike any person I had ever cared for. After hours in the hospital undergoing endless surgeries, he still had a contagious positive spirit. When he had the energy and I had his parent’s permission, we would go out to my father’s farm and ride horses, tractors, four wheelers, swim and play sports. For six years, I received the honor to care for Leo and when he passed at the young age of 10, I knew I could help more families.


Q: Why did you start your business?

A: I started my business so that I could care for Leonardo whenever his mom called me. I was working for so many families that I couldn’t keep up with the demand so I began Cassie’s Cardinals to continue staffing reliable care. This allowed me to free up my time to be there for Leo and his family on call due to his situation.


Q: What makes you the most passionate about your work?

A: I am most passionate about honoring Leo’s spirit and children like him as a part of our company mission. On tough days, I always remind myself why I started my business and Leo’s spirit keeps our work in perspective. With Leo’s spirit by my side, I am so grateful to have received the privilege to work with over 1,500+ families and corporations across the United States for the last decade.


Q: What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

A: I love meeting new people and building relationships with our families. I also love being a leader to our Cardinal team and mentoring my staff as well.


Q: Where can we find you on a weekend or your day off?

A: Sailing, golfing, riding horses, playing tennis or at the beach reading a book! :)


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: 10 years; Founded Cassie’s Cardinals in September 2012


Q: Location/areas you serve?

A: Cassie's Cardinals serves the following cities:

  • Columbus, OH

  • Santa Barbara, CA

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Orange County, CA

  • San Francisco, CA

  • New York City


Q: Contact & social media

A: [email protected] - @cassiescardinals


Q: Favorite story about your business?

A: One of my families in Ohio called to tell me their 3 kids went into the backyard to put peanut butter all over their birdhouse, because they said they wanted a Cardinal to come play with them. It was such a sweet and hilarious story, I instantly knew that the Cardinal brand was really resonating and growing.


Q: Connection to Santa Barbara, why do you work/live here?
A: Santa Barbara provides the strong community and active sport community I love. It’s the perfect place for me, because I love sailing, golfing, riding horses and playing tennis. The community makes me feel connected and at home.


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