Faces of our Community: Claiborne & Lime

Faces of Our Community

Claiborne & Lime

Meet Laura Mormann and Antoinette Watson


Q: Tell us a bit about your business. 

A: Claiborne & Lime is a hospitality centered company with a focus on event design and lifestyle consulting. We produce gatherings of all sizes for private clients and select companies and brands. We are based in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange County, and work with our clients on everything ranging from dinner parties to multi-day destination events.

Q: Why did you start your business? 

A: Our first major client was Williams Sonoma, who hired us to create and design events all over the country, as well as provide marketing and consulting services. After two incredible (and grueling!) years, we realized our true passion was working one-on-one with clients, creating unforgettable experiences and celebrating all of life’s moments. The goal of every Claiborne & Lime creation is to make guests feel welcomed into the home or space and cared for with all of the small details throughout—and it’s these details that make all the difference.

Q: What makes you the most passionate about your work?

A: We’re very lucky to work with numerous clients on a repeat basis. So, over the course of time, we develop a sense of trust. We learn their preferences—that could be their favorite wine or travel destinations. Upon meeting a new client, we consider their home or setting, the life they lead, their day-to-day and of course who the guests will be and the reason for the gathering. We really try to dig into the details and take the time to learn the backstory so that each experience has emotional resonance.

Q: What are some of your favorite projects?

A: Attention to detail is one way we strive to make each event personal. For a 25th anniversary party, we discovered that our clients had a love of travel, and frequently vacationed at Blackberry Farm, Hotel du Cap, and Hotel Bel Air. We created custom gifts for each guest complete with vintage postcards of the couple’s favorite destinations, coffee sourced from Blackberry Farm, swan cookies from the pastry chef at Hotel Bel Air, and mugs sourced from Hotel du Cap. We created these as a surprise for the couple, and the look on their faces was priceless!

Q: Connection to Santa Barbara, why do you work/live here? 

A: Laura was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and this is where we began our private client business… this will always feel like home to us both! We currently live in Long Beach because of the proximity to our SB/LA/OC clients, but let’s be honest… we’ll end up back in Santa Barbara full-time in the not-so-distant future…

Q: Describe your perfect day in Santa Barbara.

A: We would wake up in our cottage at San Ysidro Ranch, have our coffee and tea and take in the beauty of the grounds. After that, it would be breakfast at Jeannine’s on Coast Village, followed by a leisurely beach walk at Butterfly Beach. Next would be shopping at some of our local favorites… DIANI, Maison K, Porch, Field + Fort (more tea here please), and lunch at Carlitos (give us ALL the Mexican food, ALWAYS!). Our evening would consist of cocktails at Good Lion and dinner at The Lark. We always grab a pizza to go at Honor Market before we head out (typically accompanied by scones for the following morning).

Q: Contact & social media

[email protected]


Q: Pro tip (anything you can share with our audience that they can apply in their own lives)

A: 5 things to always have on hand in case of unexpected guests or visitors:

Alcohol, OF COURSE. Fruit, cheese and charcuterie, extra china and glassware, and candles for ambiance. Also, amazing music is vital! We always have a playlist ready.



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