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Faces of our Community: Kismet Montecito

Randy Solakian Estates Group | March 24, 2022

Kismet is a boutique located in Montecito's Upper Village that offers intimate indulgences and fine jewelry to celebrate timeless femininity.

Meet Lindsey Eckert, Founder and Curator of Kismet Montecito. 

Q: Why did you start your business? 

A: I started Kismet to continue on a Montecito staple that was Glamour House- a lingerie store since the 1960s, anchored in the Upper Village. It was a wonderful opportunity to put a new twist on an old classic.


Q: What makes you the most passionate about your work?

A: I love creating female-driven brands. Since its inception, Kismet's one goal is to offer love, light and beauty- To me, it is so much more than selling undergarments. I also have so much fun designing a space where I can add whimsical elements that otherwise might not work in a residential setting. 


Q: What is your favorite aspect of what you do? 

A: My favorite part, hands down, is creating a space where people feel welcome. It is so important to me that no matter what we are offering, our clients feel good about themselves in our environment. Personally as a new mom, I so badly needed Kismet! It's the little gifts to yourself that can go a long way during big life transitions. Everyday I meet a bride, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother- we all love to feel beautiful. 


Q: Where can we find you on a weekend or your day off? 

A: Butterfly Beach or the Natural History Museum with my two babies Josie who is 1 and Leland who is 3.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: I have been a business owner for 10 years, and Kismet debuted in November 2021.


Q: Store location?

A: 1470 E Valley Rd Suite J, Montecito, CA 93108

We serve the Montecito Upper Village and beyond! 



Q: Contact & social media

A: @kismetmontecito on Instagram and [email protected]


Q: Favorite item and/or brand in store?

A: This one is hard, I want everything. Favorite brand has got to be Carpinteria-based Joah Brown and favorite item is my custom heart pendant with my kid's initials. 


Q: Connection to Santa Barbara, why do you work/live here?

A: We moved to Santa Barbara from the Bay Area in 2019. My "why" is because "we live in paradise".

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