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House of Honey 

Tamara Kayne

House of Honey is a boutique interior design studio based in Los Angeles and Montecito, CA. Our firm’s focus includes residential, hospitality, and commercial design. Pairing technical experience with aesthetic expertise, we handle projects from initial concept to final installation. House of Honey collaborates with builders, artisans, architects, and artists to bring our designs to life.  


Meet Tamara Kaye- Honey, Creative Director and Principal at House of Honey: 


Q: How and why did you start your business? 

A: I went to school for fashion in NYC and worked at Begdorf Goodman’s as a buyer. But pretty soon my attention and passion turned towards interiors. After my husband and I relocated to LA, I did my own home, and as the story often goes, friends asked me to help them and word grew from there. It helped that I had an attic full of vintage I had been collecting for years (I can thank my Mom and Aunt for helping me catch the collecting bug) and used that to launch my studio and shop in the Pasadena area. 



Q: What makes your the most passionate about your work?

A: I love the process almost as much as the end result, but nothing compares to a client being happy with the final design. I am there until the bitter end and even beyond that sometimes! Whether it is a restaurant where I pop in to make sure the flowers are looking good and the playlist is just right, or a residence to make sure the storage needs are being met, I love making sure that the happiness they felt at the beginning keeps on giving! 


Q: What are your favorite projects/product? 

A: This is hard! I love Otium Restaurant in LA, as I was able to work directly with Chef Tim Hollingsworth as well as the Broad Foundation on that project. I still love spending time there! I also love the home we just complete on Hot Springs Road for a family from the Bay Area. Our client was fearless, and the result shows! 


Q: Where can we find you on a weekend or your day off? 

A:  I am fortunate to have a house in Montecito and I go there as often as possible. I have a lot of clients in that area, so my days consist of driving from job site to job site. If I can, I will end the day with a cocktail on the beach. 


Q: How long have you been in business? 

A: Since 2005, (I think!).  It has been a long and wonderful road. 


Q: Tamara's Design Advice- 

A: Always add something cheeky and unexpected to a home. A sense of whimsy and playfulness is important- especially these day! 



"With equal doses of wit and sophistication, House of Honey artfully blends the bold and authentic.” 




Store location: 

South Pasadena


Instagram: @houseofhoney


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